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Job Searching Strategies For The Canadian Job Market

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One of the most common questions our clients ask is, “Okay, I now have an updated resume and cover letter, a fresh LinkedIn profile, and I’m confident in facing any interviewer….but how and/or where do I start looking for jobs?

Often, the issue isn't a lack of choice, but rather, too many choices ranging from job fairs to countless online job posting platforms, employment agencies, career events and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Most people go with an “all of the above” approach; however, one of the critical things to consider are time and efficiency. Job hunting ironically, often becomes a full-time job in itself. Depending on each individual’s situation, areas of expertise, and career goals, you can have excellent results utilizing the resources mentioned below strategically.

In this article, we will highlight some of the job-hunting approaches to give you a better understanding of each one. Don’t limit yourself, but focus on those that can bring you tangible outcomes.:

Job searching strategies for the Canadian job market:board with the written words: strategy, plans, goals

Employer’s job posting on the internet/sending out your resume to employers directly

Start with the obvious - if you’re aware of an opening, or openings at a company you can see yourself being a part of, apply directly through their online job portal (most companies nowadays have this on their websites).
 A good strategy to employ with this approach is to get in touch with either the recruiter via email or do some research on LinkedIn. Knowing the name of the recruiter or hiring manager will help you target your cover letter and make sure that it lands in front of the person responsible for filling the position you’re applying for.

Online Job Portals

Online Job portals (such as,, etc.) are viable sources of information and job postings, but make sure you don’t make the mistake of blindly sending your resume to hundreds of job postings - do your research! Know what you’re applying for, information about the organization, the tasks and responsibilities associated with every posting being considered - each and every resume you send out MUST be tailored to speak directly to the recruiter or hiring manager at that particular company, the aim being to highlight the specific set of skills you can bring to solve their needs.

 Recruitment agencies

Another approach that can lead to good results is utilizing the services of a recruitment agency. These companies specialize in connecting candidates with companies looking to fill specific roles, and it’s always in their best interests to help their clients find fulfilment since companies often rely on them for their recruitment needs.
 Make sure to do your research - Look for reviews online before sending your documents or getting in contact with recruitment agencies. Agencies specializing in placing candidates from your area of expertise is an additional bonus.

Community Job Fairs and Career events

Job Fairs and Career events are great resources for any jobseeker, however, make sure you already know the companies that will be attending the event and, if possible, the job positions they are looking to fill. With this information in hand, you can arrive better prepared with your resume already tailored to that position.

Asking friends, family or (close) social media connections for leads

Simply asking family members, friends or even close connections on social media for any potential leads is a good way to tap into your existing network while allowing you to practice communicating your career aspirations and what you can bring to the table, which will help prepare you to reiterate the same during your job interview. The added benefit, of course, is that you will be practicing these skills with someone you’re familiar and comfortable with.

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