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At Maple Road, our mission is to help job seekers build their professional portfolios by showing them how to re-discover the highlights of their professional identities and face the uncertainties of today's volatile job market with confidence. 

Our services were inspired by the challenges we faced ourselves on our individual journeys as new arrivals, as well as through lessons learned from over a decade of combined experience in Management and Human Resources.

Our passion is people and their unique stories, and we believe that no matter where you may find yourself in life, investing in yourself and your future success is never a futile endeavour. 

The heart of this company is built around the desire to help those who struggle to express themselves and their unique talents and abilities, one Personalized Portfolio at a time, and we hope to be a part of your success story!

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Gabriela Bevilacqua, CPHR

Specialist in Human Resources with more than 15 years of experience as Recruiter for diverse roles with a passion for building bridges between jobseekers and opportunities in the Canadian job market.
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Christopher Castelino

A strong advocate of servant leadership and effective communication, with a passion for people, process and delivering the very best in service quality.

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