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Build Confidence For Any Situation

Prepare for every type of interview, including phone, in-person, virtual, and panel interviews, and learn how to navigate questions regarding salary negotiations, career gaps, and your suitability for the role.

Practice Strategic Communication

Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills and develop mental fluidity to adapt to dynamic interview environments, build a connection with the interviewer, and highlight your competence.

Maximise Interview Performance

Learn to deliver compelling and impactful responses to competency-based, behavioural, predictive, and situational interview questions to help you overcome interview-anxiety and build confidence.

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Receive our pre-interview training material based on your specific goals.


Live Interview Training

In depth 90-minute interview training in an online, live-practice format


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Additional resources to guide you in your job search, build confidence, and turn more job interviews into job offers!

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Why is non-verbal communication important in an interview?

Being anxious during an interview is completely normal. However, it’s important to keep in mind how your body language can project your emotions to the interviewer— whether nervousness, boredom, or lack of commitment, or positive signals like confidence and conviction in your ability to perform the role. We train you on the best strategies on how to communicate effectively using both your voice as well as your body to fully convey your message to any prospective employer.

 How do I provide the best possible answers to challenging questions?

Our collaborative coaching methods will help guide you on the best ways to verbally communicate your strongest skills and abilities, as well as your technical expertise for the position you are interviewing for. We train you on how to organize your thoughts, explore strategies to keep every answer brief, concise, and more importantly, positive no matter the situation.

What kinds of questions should you expect from the interviewer?

While every opportunity is unique, most interviews incorporate the following types of questions - Behavioral, Situational, Open-ended, and Performance-based questions. Each category has its own strategy, and you must be ready to mentally adapt and keep up with the “flow” of the conversation.

What are Behavioural/Situational Interview Questions? What are some examples ?

Behavioural/Situational interview questions help employers determine your skills and abilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and communication in a given professional setting or situation. They also give insight into how you may respond to future situations.

Examples of Behavioural/Situational interview questions:

"Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a manager, colleague or team member. How did you handle it?"

"Tell us about a time you made a mistake that affected a customer or the team. How did you solve the problem?"

"Tell us a time you had to make an unpopular decision at work and how you implemented it."

"Tell us about a creative solution you implemented to solve a complex problem."

What is the STAR method and why is it important?

The STAR method is an interview technique that helps you organize your responses, communicate key anecdotes, and deliver a highly-effective narrative of how you overcame previous challenges successfully.

STAR stands for
Situation: Describe the situation or context of your example.
Task: Define your responsibilities in addressing the concern.
Action: Highlight your initiative in taking action to help resolve the situation.
Result: Showcase the positive result/outcome


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the duration of the interview training service?

The 90-min complete interview training program is conducted online, and can be scheduled based on your needs and schedule (and also depending on our calendar availability).

What if my English is not perfect?

While your written content must be grammatically correct and free of errors—resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile—your conversational abilities do not need to be perfect! Far from it. In fact, the impression you will make is due to the sum total of your energy, body language, and your verbal communication. We take the time to identify your specific struggles and work together to overcome obstacles in a friendly and stress-free environment.

What do I need to do after my interview?

We will provide you with all the information, guides, and resources you will need to find success, as well as templates for post-interview best practices, including Thank You emails, and Reference lists.

Do I need to come prepared with a job position in mind?

Having a position in mind would be ideal, but is not a mandatory requirement; we train you to face questions based on your target industry, with a large portion of the coaching focused on your own unique experiences and skill set.

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