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Strategically-written, ATS-optimized resumes to boost your job search and increase the chances of being contacted by employers.

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Our Approach

About Our Resume Writing Service

Our tried-and-true approach to resume creation has secured great results for job seekers across industries

Personalized Approach

We take the time to fully understand your goals, skills, and career highlights to create a powerful, curated, and well-written professional resume that helps you stand out from the competition and boost your chances of getting invited for job interviews.

Complete Writing Services

We craft your resume from the ground-up based on your specific skills, professional experience, academic achievements, and career objectives.

Document Optimization

We show you how to tailor your resume for specific positions, understand job descriptions, and pass the ATS/HR pre-screening process.

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Our Process

How We Work


Meeting With The Writer

Initial 50-minute session with the writer to discuss your career and objectives.


The Writing Process

Document drafts will be written and sent within 7-10 days.


Draft Delivery + Second Meeting

20-minute session to discuss your new resume and how to optimize it for every position.


Final Delivery

The final versions of the resume will be delivered with all revisions and amendments.

Resume Writing

How to Write a Canadian Resume

What Makes a Good Resume?

A common challenge faced by newcomers to the Canadian job market is converting their multi-page C.V. to a compressed 2-page resume compatible with Canadian standards.

Simply translating documents to English will undoubtedly cause difficulties in properly conveying the right message, due to differences in linguistic expression and sentence structures.

It is crucial to highlight your main skills and achievements throughout every professional and academic endeavour, keep your document concise and avoid critical grammar mistakes, misspellings, inconsistencies in tone, or unnecessary details.

What is an ATS-optimized Resume?

Every professional resume takes on average 4-6 hours to create, with the goal being to produce an ATS-optimized* and highly effective document that is guaranteed to help you find success in your job search.

We also coach you on the best strategies to fully unlock the potential of your brand new portfolio and tailor each application to align your skills with specific job requirements.

ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, are Ai-powered analytic tools designed to algorithmically scan thousands of documents to screen the best candidates during the initial recruitment phase. Shortlisted candidates are only then passed on through to the next step which is usually the recruiter or hiring manager.

Resume Formats

Best Resume Formats

The right resume strategy will make sure that your most relevant career highlights are clear to potential employers

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Chronological Resumes

The most common type, a chronological resume is best for those with a fairly steady employment history, looking to advance in their current career or field of expertise.

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Functional Resumes

Ideal for recent graduates, people with limited experience, or for professionals looking to change careers, the purpose of a functional resume is to highlight specific strengths and transferable skills closely related to the core requirements of the position that you’re applying to.

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Combination Resumes

A blend of the first two types, this format offers the most flexibility and should be used if you have steady work history as well as a strong set of skills developed throughout the course of your career, including transferable ones.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the delivery time for my fully personalized, professional resume?

The resume writing process takes 7-10 days to complete. For rush deliveries, we charge a small fee of CAD $100.00 with a 48-hour delivery window.

Why should I hire a professional writing service instead of using an online resume builder?

Building a resume is no easy task; every section must be well-structured, strategically written, and fully personalized to properly highlight your professional achievements and skills to any potential employer, which online AI-based systems simply cannot replicate.

What do I receive with the resume writing service?

In addition to a brand new, professionally built resume, all clients receive in-depth guidance on how to best utilize their new documents, tailor their master resume for every position, and valuable material to help you optimize your job search.

I don't have a current resume, or any related documents, can you help?

Yes! We write fully-optimized, ATS-friendly resumes completely from scratch, and will gather all key pieces of career information and data during your first meeting with the writer.

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