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Juliana Fridman - Mento

Juliana Fridman - Mento

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Get to know your mentor:

I am a marketing and communications professional with very strong knowledge of traditional media and creative production, as well as digital marketing and website development – with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and over 25+ years industry experience. 

My strengths lie in strategic and analytical thinking while motivating teams to deliver on challenging goals, with innovative approaches and in fast-paced environments with competing priorities. 

I have worked in over 5 different countries, client side, technology side, and also in the top creative and media agencies – which helped me acquiring a lot of experience in adapting to unique styles and environments. 

I enjoy leading teams from a managerial and strategic perspective, but I am also extremely familiar with all stages of operations and implementation (I love "getting my hands dirty" and knowing how to do things myself - so I can better support my teams).

I enjoy supporting people and learn about their challenges in their own areas. I have been involved in various mentoring programs before at my current workplace. I find this experience very valuable and in my current career stage, feels good to be able to inspire others - and support them (and see the impact in their lives).

I have also been in several hiring panels and very experienced with these - I find the human resources side of our roles fascinating. 

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