Preparation + Performance
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Course Dates - 2023

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Preparation + Performance

O Que Você Aprenderá:

  • Learn best practices for writing and optimizing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn™ profiles and get noticed by potential employers.
  • Step-by-step guidance and live practical exercises to analyze job postings and tailor your resume to match specific requirements.
  • Enhance your networking skills and increase your chances of landing a job through hands-on training in communication fundamentals, interview preparation, and live practice sessions.
  • Guidance and best practices you need to set up and optimize your LinkedIn profile to create a professional-looking profile that helps you connect with potential recruiters.


Combine the courses: Preparation + Performance, and get a Free Resume Revision.

Our complete Career Accelerator Complete program is the ultimate way to supercharge your job search. With both Preparation and Performance modules combined, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Canadian job market, from creating a standout resume and LinkedIn profile to networking, job search techniques, effective communication, and interview preparation. And with the option to customize your learning experience by purchasing each module separately or as the complete program, you can tailor the course to fit your unique career goals.

During class, you'll practice writing essential resume sections, and then submit your work for a complete revision by our experts. Our feedback includes grammar, sentence structure, and formatting, all tailored to the Canadian job market.

 **Please note that this course does not include complete Resume Writing services; the focus is on teaching you how to build your own ATS-optimized resumes with the option of having your work revised by us. Submissions must be made within three days after the first module, and revised documents will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours after the second module.



Writing Professional and ATS-optimized Resumes

Choosing the best resume format for your job search

Resume sections: Step-by-step guidance on core sections of the resume

Live practical exercises: Building your writing skills

Tailoring Your Resume

Analyzing job posting

Matching your experience/core skills with specific requirements

Writing impactful Cover Letters

Essential cover letter formatting skills

Highlighting specific circumstances to employers

Optimizing Cover Letter for job positions

Creating outstanding LinkedIn profiles

Guidance on how to set up your LinkedIn™ profile from start to finish

Step-by-step analysis of key sections in your LinkedIn profile

Best practices for utilizing the LinkedIn™ platform

The Hiring Process: Behind the Scenes 

Recruitment insights

Challenges for job seekers in today’s market

Building a Strategic Job Search Roadmap

Essential checklist before you start the job search

Where to begin: online platforms, connect with recruiters, in-person events and others

Showcasing Yourself as a Viable Candidate

Professional documents/ LinkedIn profile for job applications

Building your elevator pitch (live practice) 

Networking Strategies

Connecting with employers/hiring managers/recruiters

Connecting with professionals

Informational interview fundamentals

Job interview Live Training

Communication fundamentals to stand out in job interviews

Complete overview of all interview styles/ questions/ scenarios

Preparation for all types of interviews questions ( situational, behavioral, informative and complex questions)

Dynamic in-class training and practice with live feedback

Q&A Session

Opportunity for students to clarify any doubts or get answers to specific questions related to the course content

Conheça os Autores:

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Gabriela Bevilacqua


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Certificada em Recursos Humanos e com vasta experiência em recrutamento, gestão e desenvolvimento de carreiras tanto no Canadá quanto no Brasil, Gabriela é uma especialista qualificada em ajudar brasileiros a alcançarem seus objetivos profissionais, especialmente por meio do LinkedIn. Gabriela é mestre em otimizar perfis do LinkedIn, destacando as habilidades e experiências dos profissionais de maneira estratégica, o que atrai oportunidades de forma eficaz.

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Christopher Castellino


character avatar

Certificado em Escrita de Currículos e com sólida experiência em recrutamento e gestão de equipes no Canadá, Chris é um profissional altamente qualificado em destacar as aptidões e conquistas de profissionais. Sua expertise na elaboração de perfis impactantes no LinkedIn é um diferencial que pode abrir portas e atrair oportunidades para profissionais de todas as áreas, sejam eles candidatos a empregos ou empreendedores.

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