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I am often asked about innovative resources for more efficient marketing; after two decades dedicated to publicity, promotion and sales work, it is natural that the people closest to me want some quick tips or solutions for their businesses.

But before I tell you my answer, and I promise you'll enjoy reading until the end, I need to tell you why I left behind the positions I held as marketing director in large companies in Brazil and again, as this might give you some good ideas.
The real thing is that classic marketing costs, but many say it doesn't and blah blah blah. But it costs! There are endless activities that need to be developed; the good news is that you don't have to handle them. The bad thing is that you will need to hire someone who does it, and it won't be just one person. Marketing is a systemic, complex, robust process highly focused on details, including technical ones. So, again, you can only become a marketer after your willpower is pumping. You'll need to give strategies combined with tactics that result in investment decisions, and then if you make a mistake, you've seen it.

Well, now I will get where I promised at the beginning of the text. Among all the positions, functions and situations I have occupied, I have been and played as a communication or marketing director; because my training and career took place in both, I understood something that has changed my life, my results and the results of my clients and students. I finally understood that the most powerful tool to share who you are, what you do and especially the “gold” of everything - where is your differentiation, is it in something precious, costly, something that costs you a lot, and that is in every part of you, available: this is called your story.

That's right. Your story sets you apart; it makes you unique and responsible for giving you your exclusive contours, such as the “how” you do what you do! That item that makes you recommended retains your customer and attracts others!

Once again, in the power of your story are highly sophisticated tools that technical marketing does, but if you need more time, you can start NOW with your own story.

Well, I finally understood that I was always a Storyteller in all my work opportunities. I understood the flow, the timeline of a product, service, project, and entrepreneur and making it attractive with the very resources that that story brought because, yes, every story has ups and downs, and that makes it sensational; you have to accept it, recognize it, fall in love with it and start building it today and sharing it with the audiences that you think makes sense.

I hope you log in to an upcoming article where I can give you some storytelling basics to get you started. But before that, here's a super tip: watch the movies you've seen and loved and start noticing the story's narrative flow. Realize that everything is going well, then something happens, everything starts to fall apart, and everything gets pretty scary. At this point, you are already trapped there in history, there is a possibility of reversal, but it has not happened yet, so what? The story continues until advice, a mentor, and a surreal event change everything, and light enters this script. Well then. Choose a movie you like, watch it again with that look and then start tracing your story through highlights and milestones that generated great twists, good or not.

We'll talk about it in the following article here.
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Storyteller & Copymarketer

Maisa Doris is a communication and marketing specialist and instructor, researcher, author and storyteller with more than 20 years of experience in large companies in Brazil, Argentina, USA, Australia and Canada.

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