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How to Answer "Tell me about yourself" on a Job Interview

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One of the most common questions our clients ask is, “Okay, I now have an updated resume and cover letter, a fresh LinkedIn profile….but how do I answer the most frequent job interview questions?
Oftentimes, we see candidates ramble on and on and get into too much detail, sometimes even including details irrelevant to the interviewer, while other times candidates keep it so short that the interviewer is forced to ask more probing questions to get a satisfactory answer.

What does the interviewer is really looking for?

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Abrief insight into the candidate’s goals, experiences and achievements and what prompted them to apply for the position.

Here are some strategies to help you navigate through the "Tell me about yoursefl" question:

  1. Practice while giving yourself a time limit - a minute, or a minute-and-a -half at most should give you enough time to cover everything you need to.
  2. Organize your response - rather than looking at it as one long statement, separate it into a beginning, middle and an end.
  3. Keep in mind the position you're applying for, and it’s specific requirements and responsibilities.

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